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Villa Giardini


The strategic positions of our apartments, which are very close to the sea and beautiful beaches of the Ionian Sea, allow a wonderful stay by the sea, but not only this. In fact, thanks to the position of Giardini Naxos itself, it is possible to visit beautiful archaeological monuments of the town, Taormina, with its suggestive streets and the Greek Theatre, Etna Park which surrounds the highest active volcano in Europe, the splendid Ionian coast which is considered Sicilian boutonnière and Alcantara Valley with its beautiful gorges.


Proceed on Route 114 towards Catania, after about 500m from the Bridge Alkantara junction on the right.

Preserves the ruins of an Arab-Norman castle (IX century) on the hill above the town, the Castle's summer residence of Prince Palagonia (XVII sec., in San Marco and a precious wooden crucifix of the sixteenth sec., Antonelli school, secure in the Church of the Annunciation (1740).

8 min


Casalvecchio Siculo

Climbing halfway up Mount St. Elias, 400 m. s.l.m., Casalvecchio is about 20 km. from Giardini Naxos.
Founded by monks in the Byzantine period from Siraia and Egypt, has an impressive architectural heritage, as well as a forest of forests.

Among his buildings include the Cathedral Church of the seventeenth century. with artistic coffered ceiling and shelves and attached museum of sacred objects, The Church of St. Nicholas, rich in works of art and the Church of the Annunciation, both 1500, and the Church of S. Theodore, of the seventeenth century.

35 min



Accessible by car from the Sp 10 or by bus with the INTERBUS Bus service departs from Taormina.

Medieval village, with unique views over Taormina, remnants of a Norman Castle, the Cathedral Church, the Gate of the Saracens with the city walls.

26 min


Forza d’Agrò

Just reach by car via the SS.114 to Cape S. Alessio and then continuing along the left fork.
In summer, you can reach by bus from Taormina.A near Cape St. Alexis, on the extreme edge of the crown of the north east of the Taurus, Forza d'Agro stands at 420m. s.l.m.

Much for its history, it arouses interest, as for the many memories of a past full of art and fame, still alive today with beautiful reflections in the surviving monuments: The Cathedral of 1700, the Church of the Holy Trinity of 1576, the Church of St. Francis of the sixteenth century and especially the twelfth century Norman castle. that, according to tradition, was built by Count Roger the Great.

28 min



Continuing from the Alcantara Gorges SS185 can be reached Francavilla di Sicilia, which is home to a beautiful Capuchin convent in 1570.

Called the "Casket of Alcantara Valley, " the convent is still in its original form with the cell windows in the "mouth of the oven, with the strains of sandstone, and contains masterpieces of cabinetry, painting and sculpture.

25 min


Giardini Naxos

Naxos, is the first Greek colony founded in Sicily in 735 b.C. and has a wide archaeological area with annexed museum. Giardini Naxos, cradle of ancient Mediterranean civilizations and touristic avant guarde site in the South of Italy, offers a range of typical Sicilian beautiful landscapes.

Between Messina and Catania, Giardini Naxos can be reached in less than one hour from Fontanarossa airport. Excursions to Taormina (just 5 km far), Syracuse, Agrigento, Palermo, Aeolian Islands, Mount Etna, Linguaglossa pine grove (an enchanting and unique itinerary between sea and snow) and Alcantara valley with its suggestive gorges are available from Giardini.

3 min


Alcantara gorges

Alcantara gorges are a canyon formerly generated by lava, with high up to 50 metres basalt walls. Between them Alcantara river flows in the wonderful Alcantara Gorges Botanical and Geological Park landscape. It is only 30 minutes far away from Taormina and near to Mt. Etna. Alcantara Valley and its Botanical and Geological park offers a unique show, in addition to unforgettable experiences and activities, which will show you naturalistic beauties of an uncontaminated land, with the maximum comfort and safety, surrounded by a relaxing and amazing atmosphere. Several activities such as fluvial trekking and body rafting through challenging descents along the crystal waters of Alcantara river are also available.

21 min


Aeolian Islands

For those who want to hike a bit 'longer, certainly not to be missed is a visit to the Aeolian Islands, reached by ferries and hydrofoils from Milazzo or Messina.

In the Aeolian archipelago are still experiencing the pristine waters from which emerge the "Seven Sisters ", which surprise with their diversity of their nature, sometimes wild, and their colors, the beauty of the coastline, for the wealth of sites archaeological, for the volcanic phenomena.

5 ore e 10 min


Mount Etna

Mount Etna is the highest volcano in Europe and one of the most active in the world. Its eruptions, on the summit and on the slopes, can endure for long time. Because of its constant activity, Etna is one of the most suggestive and charming places in the world, the ideal set for several myths and legends. The Greeks believed that it was the house of Cyclops and Volcano, god of fire. Ancient mariners knew it well because it was as a lighthouse for them. Arabs were so stricken by its greatness to consider it “mount of mounts”, the mountain for antonomasia.

1 ora e 32 min


Fiumefreddo Nature Reserve

Head towards the town of Fiumefreddo of Sicily, with the train on the Catania-Messina, arriving at the local station, or by car from SS.114 ME-CT in place to take the SP Diana Marina di Cottone, where, after 1500 m and 200 m from the sea, is located the main entrance and visitor center of the reserve.

Can walk the nature trail the length of about 3 km to and fro. The ride takes place on clay, without any difficulty level.

The total length is about 90 minutes, including moments of rest and observation.

12 min


Sant’Alessio Siculo

His head, characterized by a promontory with two vertices on the first round with a castle and a medieval fortress on the second.
The construction of the castle, must be seen in a long period of time between the tenth century. and the end of the fourteenth century. A.D. No one knows for sure who was probably built but the original structure dates back to Arabic.

There currently is accessed via a staircase flanked by walls and consists of the building itself and the two towers, one watch and one that probably served as a prison.

22 min



Continuing on state road 114 to S. Teresa di Riva, you reach an intersection leading to Savoca, a pretty village at 303 m. s.l.m. , an ancient and important religious center, as evidenced by the presence of numerous churches in the 400.

The beautiful Church of the Capuchin Monastery, which houses many paintings of the '500 and '600, including a "Last Supper"by the school of Caravaggio, and the crypt, elegantly dressed and mummified the bodies of 17 men illustrious in the country.

35 min



Taormina is loved and well known all over the world. It is the most visited Sicilian City thanks to a perfect mix of landscapes, sea and history. Like Giardini Naxos, is one of the most ancient Greek colonies and this is the reason why Taormina has some of the most important historical monuments such as the Ancient Greek Theatre (which hosts several cultural and musical events during the Summer), Corvaja Palace and the Cathedral..

25 min



The Sicilian Amusement Park Etnaland, is located at the foot of one of the beauties on Unesco’s World Heritage List: the majestic Volcano Etna, very close to Catania.

49 min


Adventure Park Etna

The Adventure Park Etna is the largest adventure park in South Italy with 15 true trails, excluding the various individual attractions such as Top Climbing, Boulder, Test Area etc. All trails are equipped with a continuous line of life or intelligent carabiner Clic-it, the only intelligent carabiners to be equated to a continuous line of life according to the new adventure park regulations.

33 min